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Thanksgiving Book Promotions

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This year there will be two book promotions on Thanksgiving:

Brennan Brides #12: Redemption

Brennan Brides #12: Redemption | Caty Callahan

A lonely wife. An angry husband. An unforgiving town.

Beth Brennan is deeply in love with her husband, but he’s never home. A year goes by and it gets worse, not better, so she does the unthinkable–she sleeps with another man to get Murphy’s attention. But nothing could’ve prepared her for Murphy’s rage or the town’s cruelty. For the next year and a half they will make her life miserable until one of them finally shoots her.

Murphy Brennan loves his wife, but he loves his job too. Time just seems to slip away from him until it’s too late. Suddenly his wife is sleeping with another man and he hates her for it. For nineteen months he lives and breathes to bring Beth pain and their neighbors are only too happy to join in. He never expected it to go so far or cost him so much.

For five years Murphy Brennan will pray to God for a second chance. Then magically that prayer is answered in the cruelest of ways.

Bride Lottery Fairytales #14: Rory Van Winkle

Bride Lottery Fairytales #14: Rory Van Winkle | Caty Callahan

A woman who wakes from a coma. A young man looking for a bride.

When Rory Van Winkle wakes from her coma she has aged eight years. Frontal lobe cerebral contusion–that’s what it’s called. Her father has died, her uncles have died, and her husband has remarried and has three kids. But worst of all her unborn child is dead, a child she didn’t even know she had. So she enters the lottery to get a new family.

Levi Campbell gets called at the lottery his very first year. And his bride is absolutely gorgeous. So what if she’s a little older? But then he learns she was in a coma and that makes him protect his heart from heartbreak. The more she tries to get close to him, the more he pushes her away until he pushes her right back to her hometown, hundreds of miles away. Now he’s trying to make his wife forgive him while her ex-husband is living next door.

An old lover. A jealous husband. A memory that won’t go away. This runaway bride and her husband will go through one trial after another until they finally find each other.


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