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My Brady Bunch Cover

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I grew up at a time when The Brady Bunch was still playing in reruns.  If you haven’t watched The Brady Bunch, it’s about a widow with three girls and a widower with three sons who fall in love and get married.  He’s an architect so they live in a beautiful house with a maid.  Yep, a maid.  Each of the children went through the various trials and tribulations of childhood right before our eyes and that made it a huge hit.

As a tribute to The Brady Bunch I changed the cover for Marriage Lottery 12: The Mother to a variation on the Brady Bunch intro sequence to the series.  That is, the picture that everyone recognizes with all six kids and two parents in a tic-tac-toe grid.

Brady Brunch intro to series 1970 | Caty Callahan

Brady Brunch intro to series 1972 | Caty Callahan

If you look at the cover for Marriage Lottery 12 redesigned, it’s very similar.  Marriage Lottery 12 The Mother is the story of a girl caught in a flu epidemic.  She survives but her parents are dead, 3 of her siblings are dead, her boyfriend is dead, his parents are dead, and 5 of his siblings are dead.  What remains are her, 3 of her siblings and 3 of his.  So she does the responsible thing–she adopts all six and takes them to a town where there have been no women in the lottery for three years.  That means they’ll be desperate enough to overlook her unusual alternative family.

At first I actually had her three siblings at the top of the cover and his three siblings at the bottom with Chanel and Grayson in the middle.  But one of the things that stands out in this novel is that Grayson is six feet four inches, very tall.  That was completely lost in the 8 image version, so I remove her three siblings from the top and stuck with this version, especially since the three siblings of her former boyfriend play key roles in the story.

Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think.  🙂  Happy holidays.

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